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White Mountain Puzzles Pencil Collage

An assemblage of tiny pencils comes to life as you fit together the pieces of the White Mountain Puzzles Pencil Collage Jigsaw Puzzle. With 1000 pieces in all, the puzzle measures 24 inches by 30 inches in size when fully assembled. Chipboard construction makes the pieces durable for reuse. Number of pieces: 1,000 Difficulty: Very…

Ravensburger Krypt Silver

Ready to put your puzzle completing skills to the ultimate test? The Krypt Silver 654 Piece Blank Puzzle Challenge is challenging for even the most gifted of solvers because its surface is completely blank, leaving you with no pictures to guide you through the assembly process. Number of pieces: 654 Difficulty: Very Hard Dimensions: 38.75…

Vinyl Collection Jigsaw Puzzle

Not only is the A Vinyl Collection a fun puzzle game, but it is a perfect piece of decor for music lovers once it has been completed! This jigsaw style puzzle challenges its players to piece together a picture that resembles a collection of vinyl records. The end result of this puzzle will appear as…